Episode 6: New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of every year millions of people make new year’s resolutions.

These resolutions cover the gamut of life. Business goals, education goals, health goals and everything in between. Many of these resolutions last about a month, and then we fall back on old habits.

We challenge you to make some digital security resolutions for this year.

  1. Set a goal to evaluate your passwords regularly. Whether you do that monthly or quarterly, make sure you passwords are complex, and not used on multiple sites.
  2. Set a goal to change 3 passwords a week, making sure they are all unique.
  3. Consider using a password manager to store your multitudes of unique passwords.
  4. Set up multifactor authentication on your accounts. This is especially important on accounts that store Private Personal Information (PPI). PPI includes
    • Financial data (this includes banks, credit card companies, shopping sites like Amazon)
    • Address
    • Birth Date
    • Social Security Number
    • Phone number
  5. Gather items for a Digital Go Bag – having a bag you can grab that has chargers for your electronic devices, digital images of your important documents and credit cards, medical cards. What things do you take when you travel? Are they ready to go if you had to leave quickly?
  6. Set a goal to reduce your digital screen time. Social media is great but constant browsing isn’t good for your mental health.

Our goal at the Digital Self Defense Academy is to help others be aware of their digital world and how they can be safer in it.

If you have questions or topics you would like to see us cover, let us know by commenting below, or commenting on the Digital Self-Defense Academy Facebook page.

Be safe out there!

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