Episode 13: The Digital Go-Bag

According to NOAA, “The 14 separate U.S. billion-dollar disasters in 2019 represent the fourth highest total number of events (tied with 2018), following the years 2017 (16), 2011 (16) and 2016 (15). The most recent years of 2019, 2018 and 2017 have each produced more than a dozen billion-dollar disasters to impact the United States—totaling 44 events.”

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Everyday there is someone somewhere being impacted by natural disasters. Hurricanes, flooding, fires and earthquakes are just a few. There are also disasters that happen that are not weather related. House fires, accidents and other events impact people’s lives as well.

No matter where we live, we all need to be prepared to leave our homes quickly. For years people have been told to have a go-bad or 72 hour kit or bug-out-bag. No matter what you call it, the principle is the same. Have a kit that you can quickly grab to sustain life for a minimum of 72 hours away from home. Many of us have food, clothing, flashlights and a basic first aid kit. These things are vital.

What about the digital component of your life?

Digital devices now are part of everyday life. So much so, that many of us may struggle to find what we needed if we didn’t have them for a few days.

In years gone by, we all had phone numbers memorized because we had to manually put them in before each call. Now many people only use speed dial and can’t tell you the phone number of even their closest friends and family. There aren’t even phone books to look up a number. Cell phones only work if they are charged, and with no charger after a few hours, they aren’t very helpful.

The Digital Go-bag is the digital portion of life added to your regular go-bag.

  • Digital copies of important documents
  • Backups of your computer files
  • Chargers and cords necessary to keep these digital devices charged, and necessary adapters for each device
  • Power banks to charge your devices if electrical outlets aren’t available
  • Digital copies of important document (insurances, legal documents…)
  • Back up electronic devices

With many people working from home, being able to continue working in the event of an evacuation is important. Have your digital go-bag ready to grab so you can continue as normally as possible from other locations if you can’t be in your home.

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